Family Portfolio

Stop time and create memories to share.
Stop time and create memories to share.
Portrait photography for active families in and around Traverse City, Michigan.
Guided Process

Authentic Experience

Custom Wall Art

You have a lot on your plate.
As a mom, I know how crazy life can get. Trying to keep up with everything on your plate from careers, marriage, parenting, social life and just being a good human can be overwhelming. Finding time to choose a photographer, let alone getting your family ready for a portrait session can feel impossible.

- Are you worried your kids won’t cooperate?
- Are you afraid you will look posed and awkward? 

- Not sure what everyone should wear?

What people are saying...

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About 20 minutes in my kids were already done with smiling and posing, and Jamie was patient and reassured me, this is normal. Even though it felt chaotic to me, she still got the best shots.
Any time you get photos done - the fear is that they would be too posed or not feel natural. You don’t feel like yourself.
That didn’t happen. There was a great mix and it felt right - it felt like this was us.
Jamie's process is unlike any I have ever seen- she took time to get to know my family and my kids' interests, and the photography tips she sent prior to our session were really helpful in getting my kids to cooperate.


Here's How It Works

1. Connect
We start with a quick phone call so we can get to know each other. Together, we go through everything you need to know, including brainstorming where the photographs will look best displayed in your home!

2. Create
We meet at a location that is meaningful to you. I want you to have fun so we will be moving and exploring an area so everyone stays engaged, and has a good time.

3. Your Big Reveal
This is the best part! We review your beautiful photographs together. I guide you as you select your favorite images and decide how they will look best displayed in your home.

It will be worth it!
I promise.
Too many families skip having family portraits because they believe it's not worth the effort.

This is why I work with each family to create a fun experience that reflects their specific needs so that all you have to do is show up and create memories together.


I’m Jamie and my mission is love. No family is perfect, but the love you have for one another is absolute perfection and I want to materialize that into something you can see.

I invest time in getting to know my clients so that when we show up for the session, I’m like an old friend just hanging out with you for the day.

I also take extra time after the session to help you select your favorite images and make decisions on how and where to display your family artwork. It is my passion to create custom wall art for your home that will bring you joy each time you see it.

I can’t wait to learn more about your family!